Australian Native Lemoncello released!

Australian Native Lemoncello released!

And then there were two!

Threefold Australian Lemoncello celebrates citrus, summer and Australian native ingredients. The vibrant lemon liqueur is made using an Australian Native Gin as its base featuring Lemon Myrtle, Geraldton Wax and River Mint.

South Australian Riverland lemon peel is macerated in the Australian Native Gin base for a month accompanied by three native citrus; Sunrise Lime, Desert Lime and Blood Lime. Sugar is then added, resulting in a beautifully balanced, vibrant Australian Lemoncello. It's unfiltered and full of flavour.

Our uniquely Australian Lemoncello is bottled at 30% and it's gin base makes it a great substitute in many citrus-driven cocktails that usually call for a classic gin. Cocktails such as the Lemoncello Clover Club and Lemoncello Basil Smash are perfect examples!

Grab yourself a bottle of Australian Native Lemoncello!