Contract Distilling

Contract Distilling

About Us

Threefold Distilling was founded by us (Aidan Shaw, Luke Fleming, and Steven Roennfeldt). We are three passionate and experienced bartenders turned distillers. We started our distilling journey in Adelaide back in early 2019, and have now grown our product portfolio to 15+ gins, liqueurs, and collaborations. Our products are stocked in 200+ bars, bottle shops, and restaurants throughout South Australia, and we have a growing presence in other states around the country.

Our Equipment

Our first still was produced in Perth by HHH Distill. The small 200L hybrid copper pot/column still was a workhorse for our first few years of operation before we decided it was time to expand to a new premise in Glenelg East, and upgrade our still.

The second still was produced in NSW by Burns Welding. The 800L copper still has a 6-plate offset column, and three botanical baskets, designed specifically for gin production, and flexibility. We don’t use our still to produce whisky, or rum. We focus all our distilling efforts on producing great gins.

Our production equipment allows us to contract distill for new brands that are looking to get started, and existing brands that require extra production capacity.

Gin Botanicals
Contract Gin Distilling
Gin Production

Styles of Gin

Threefold Distilling produces a range of contemporary gins including Aromatic Gin, Mediterranean Gin, Raspberry Gin, Shiraz Gin, etc. as well as more traditional dry gins. We have assisted a number of brands make their own bespoke gins through consulting, recipe development, and production (including contract distilling, bottling, and labelling).

Past Contract Distilling Clients

Contract Gin Production

Laneway Beverage Co.

We worked with the Laneway Beverage Co. in the early stages of their brand. Threefold Distilling assisted with recipe development, and production to get their gins to market.

Services used - recipe development, contract distilling

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Electric Contract Gin

Electric Gin is made with love by Threefold Distilling for our friends at DRNKS (formerly Juice Traders). Orange, Sage, Macadamia and Long Pepper are distilled with classic London Dry gin botanicals to create a full-flavoured and versatile gin. Crafted to be enjoyed with tonic, in a cocktail or neat.

Services used - recipe development, contract distilling, bottling, labelling, storage

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Threefold Blush Gin

Howard Vineyard

We partnered with Howard Vineyard to produce their Blush Gin. We selected 9 botanicals to represent the wine’s signature tasting notes. Botanicals include white grapefruit, strawberry gum, rose petals and white pepper, which creates a citrus forward gin with underlying floral notes and delicate spice.

Services used - recipe development, contract distilling, label design, bottling, labelling

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What We Do

We can assist with the entire process for your gin project including recipe development, legal, label design, printing, production, bottling, labelling, and storage.

Small minimum order quantities are available to help you launch your own custom gin.

If you like the gins we produce and would like to discuss your ideas, please get in touch with the Threefold Distilling team to discuss your project and contract distilling options.