Top 8 Adelaide Distilleries to visit in 2024

Threefold Distillery Adelaide

Distilleries in Adelaide, South Australia

South Australia is known around the world for the quality of food and beverage that we produce. The local spirits industry has followed suit and we are quickly emerging as a world leader. Having access to great quality produce means that South Australian distilleries are producing excellent spirits. Our craft spirits sector is growing at an incredible rate and winning prominent international awards along the way.

And we love being a part of the distilling industry here in South Australia. The community vibe amongst Adelaide distillers is passionate, enthusiastic and welcoming. We are all working towards a common goal of making South Australia a leader in the spirits industry.

Below you will find a list of our friends that have a distillery door in Adelaide (in or around the CBD). Each of the Adelaide distilleries listed below have a venue that you can visit to undertake spirit tastings and support their brand.

Later, we’ll be sharing more of our distilling mates from the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and the Barossa. Stay tuned!

1. Threefold Distilling

Threefold Adelaide Distillery
Location: Glenelg East, South Australia
Produces: A range of 3 core gins (Aromatic, Mediterranean & Tom Yummy), regular seasonal releases and liqueurs.
Highlights: My personal favourite is our South East Asian-inspired gin, Tom Yummy. Featuring lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaf. Works really well in a G&T paired with Fever-Tree Indian tonic garnished with lime and/or a small chilli OR in cocktails. Or, you can try numerous gins on our tasting flights!
Top selling gin: Aromatic Gin
Top selling liqueur: Australian Lemoncello
Opening hours:
Wednesday 4–8 pm
Thursday 4–8 pm
Friday 4–9 pm
Saturday 12–9 pm
Sunday 12–7 pm

    2. Imperial Measures Distilling

    Thebarton Adelaide Distillery
    Location: Thebarton, South Australia
    Produces: Gins, vermouths, exceptional liqueurs and bottled cocktails.
    Highlights: I’m a big fan of their Ruby Bitter Aperitif. It works best in a Negroni or a Garibaldi.
    Opening hours:
    Thursday 3–9 pm
    Friday 3–10 pm
    Saturday 12–10 pm
    Sunday 12–9 pm

      3. Prohibition Liquor Co.

        Adelaide City Distillery

        Location: Adelaide CBD, South Australia
        Produces: A wide range of gins, seasonal releases, liqueurs and premixes.
        Highlights: The Navy Strength is one of my favourites and it packs a punch at 58%. It features notes of ginger and grapefruit with hints of saline.
        Opening hours:
        Wednesday 11:30 am–10 pm
        Thursday 11:30 am–10 pm
        Friday 11:30 am–11:30 pm
        Saturday 11:30 am–11:30 pm
        Sunday 11:30 am–7 pm

        4. Mad Monkey Distillery

          Rum Distillery Adelaide

          Location: Dudley Park, South Australia
          Produces: Full-flavoured funky rums, botanical-infused rums, liqueurs and canned cocktails.
          Highlights: The single rum releases are packed full of flavour. If you like funky rums then you’ll love what Mad Monkey is doing.
          Opening hours:
          Wednesday 12–5 pm
          Thursday 12–5 pm
          Friday 12–9 pm
          Saturday 12–9 pm
          Sunday 12–6 pm

          5. Blend Etiquette

            Blend Etiquette Distillery Adelaide

            Location: Sturt, South Australia
            Produces: 3 core gins, an aperitif and canned G&Ts.
            Highlights: The Little Bitter Aperitif is a great sipper simply served on ice.
            Opening hours:
            Friday 4–10 pm
            Saturday 12–10 pm
            Sunday 12–7 pm

            6. Happenstance Distillery

              Happenstance Distillery Adelaide

              Location: Thebarton, South Australia
              Produces: A concise range of gins.
              Highlights: The citrus-forward Happenstance Gin. Traditional botanicals accompanied by natives such as lemon myrtle and strawberry gum.
              Opening hours:
              Saturday 11 am–5 pm
              Sunday 11 am–5 pm

              7. Ambra Spirits

                Ambra Distillery Adelaide

                Location: Thebarton, South Australia
                Produces: A wide range of liqueurs and several premix cans.
                Highlights: The Cappucino Liqueur. Over ice. It’s dessert in a glass.
                Opening hours:
                Thursday 4–9 pm
                Friday 12–11 pm
                Saturday 12–11 pm
                Sunday 12–8 pm

                8. Reform Distilling

                  Adelaide CBD Distillery

                  Location: Kent Town, South Australia
                  Produces: A concise range of gins.
                  Highlights: The Quince Gin is aromatic and complex. Again, over ice does the trick.
                  Opening hours:
                  Thursday 4–7 pm
                  Friday 4–9 pm
                  Saturday 12–9 pm
                  Sunday 12–6 pm

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