The Best Limoncello Spritz Recipe

Best Limoncello Spritz

What is a Limoncello Spritz?

The Limoncello Spritz was originally known as the “Lemon Spritz” and was made with limoncello that was produced using Amalfi Coast lemons. This particular type of limoncello was IGP certified and protected by European Law to ensure its authenticity and origin. 

The drink itself only originated in recent years, combining two traditional Italian drinks, Limoncello (lemon liqueur) and Spritz (wine + carbonated water).

It’s hard to find out who and when the Limoncello Spritz was first made. Some sources lead to a Bottega Spritz in 2012 although this was made with limoncino (a creamy lemon liqueur), not limoncello.

Another source states that it was created as recently as 2019 when Italian bartender, Antonio Anastasio, made over 1500 Lemon Spritz at an international fair held on the coast of Italy. His version of the spritz featured limoncello, Prosecco, seltz and a pinch of ginger.

The Limoncello Spritz started to grow in popularity towards the end of 2022 as people recognised its light, bright, refreshing and citrusy profile. It very quickly became the Spritz of the summer and has been popular ever since.

What is a Limoncello Spritz made of?

Limoncello + Prosecco + carbonated water, typically garnished with a lemon wheel and sprig of mint.

Limoncello Spritz

What is our favourite Limoncello Spritz recipe?



  1. Fill a large wine glass with ice
  2. Measure the ingredients into your glass
  3. Gently stir to combine
  4. Garnish with a squeezed lemon wedge and rosemary sprig (or mint)

What are the 5 secrets to making a great Limoncello Spritz?

  1. Use a great quality limoncello with lots of flavour and not too sweet
  2. Don’t cheap out on the Prosecco. Bottles of Prosecco usually aren’t expensive so pick a good Prosecco that you would love to drink on it’s own
  3. Don’t add to much soda water otherwise it will result in a watery drink
  4. Adding a pinch of salt will subdue bitterness and enhance the citrusy top notes
  5. Squeeze your lemon garnish as the additional acidity will work wonders!

What is limoncello?

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur made with lemon zest, neutral alcohol, and sugar. It’s mainly produced in southern Italy, especially in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily.

What is a spritz?

In the 1800s, many Austrians didn’t enjoy the acidic Italian wine from Northern Italy, so they added a spritzen of carbonated water to lighten the flavour.

  • Spritz = wine + carbonated water

The spritz eventually evolved into the Venetian Spritz, which incorporated a bittersweet Italian liqueur such as Select Aperitivo.

  • Venetian Spritz = bittersweet aperitivo + wine + carbonated water

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