tom yummy southside

tom yummy southside

Elevate your Southside with our vibrant Tom Yummy gin. Mixing zesty lime, delicate mint and a touch of sweetness, this cocktail delivers bold vibes and a burst of flavour that will leave you craving more.

Method: shake and strain 
Glassware: nick and nora


  • 60ml Tom Yummy gin
  • 30ml Lime juice 
  • 20ml 1-1 Simple syrup 
  • 8 Mint leaves


  1.  Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker 
  2.  Fill with ice and shake
  3.  Strain into your glass and garnish with a mint leaf


Feel like flexing some culinary muscles? Swap your mint for fresh Vietnamese mint leaves or Thai basil to give an extra hit of Southeast Asian flair.

Remember not to shake your cocktail too hard otherwise you’ll bruise the mint.