about us

Threefold is an idea brought to life over a moment between friends, over none other than an honest gin and tonic.

Wander back a few years and you’ll find the three of us, Aidan, Luke and Steve, forming a friendship through a shared passion for quality spirits and years of hospitality experience. Over a few drinks we decided to create our own brand. We collectively wanted to create spirits that were complex, yet relatable and approachable.

For us, crafting the first of our collection, Aromatic Gin, was the realisation that we had achieved what we set out to do. This gin, along with the products that followed, represents everything we want Threefold to be known for; flavour, relatability, and most importantly, spirits that are made for the moment. ~ This is Threefold.

We are three bartenders who appreciate quality hospitality and love a good gin and tonic. We combine experience and passion to craft something truly distinct. And while we’re an eclectic mix of personalities, opinions, and expertise, we always come back to a shared love for our craft and vision for Threefold.

Sip our Aromatic Gin with friends in surplus or a Lemoncello spritz on the beach; appreciate our Mediterranean gin with great food, or warm up by the fire with our GSM.

Our gins are made for life’s many moments. Create the vibe and enjoy a gin to match.

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