Threefold Collaborations

Threefold has a strong focus on sustainability. Our range of gins and liqueurs are produced with renewable energy and we minimise our water usage during distillation which saves hundred of thousands of litres of water per year. We are continually evolving in an effort to reduce our environmental impact as we know we still have a long way to go.

We work with local suppliers and growers to source the best ingredients. Some of these ingredients retain some flavour after distillation or maceration, so we make sure to give them a second life. Only the lemon peel is needed during the production of our Australian Lemoncello so the remaining fruit gets juiced and sent to our friends at Big Shed, which in turn gets made into a refreshing and super citrusy hard lemonade. The leftover gin-soaked raspberries from the production of our Raspberry Gin is sent to the team at Fiaje to produce a sumptuous Raspberry Gin Jam. Fiaje also make use of our leftover gin-soak shiraz grapes to make the perfect cheeseboard accompaniment, Shiraz Gin Paste.